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WICK Coach Jacket Olive Green

Olive Green

The olive-green WICK summer jacket will stand out from the crowd of every fan of street hooligan. It will perfectly match both everyday stylizations and training outfit, providing thermal comfort.

Comfortable to wear every day and protection against changing weather conditions are the most important advantages of the jacket. During summer storm or spring rain it will not let water and wind pass. At the same time, thanks to the high-quality, ventilating material, sun rays breaking through the clouds will not cause overheating.

The cut of the jacket makes it look great on the sports figure without restricting the wearer's movements. Its original character is emphasized by the large Pit Bull West Coast logo on the back, underlining the rebellious look of the entire stylization.

S 69 CM 58 CM 83 CM
M 72 CM 61 CM 84 CM
L 74 CM 64 CM 87 CM
XL 77 CM 67 CM 90 CM
XXL 78 CM 69 CM 91 CM
3XL 82 CM 73 CM 94 CM