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ATHLETIC Sleeve Jacket Dark Navy


TheATHLETIC SLEEVEnavy bluetransition jacket is a model created for people for whom the everyday lifestyle is sporting and getting dressed. Thanks to its functionality, it will be useful both during training sessions and on a daily basis.

The sporty look of the jacket is possible thanks to the cuffs on the sleeves and waist, which emphasize the figure. The rainproof fabric and wide hood protect against rain and cold winds of spring downpours and summer storms. The advantages of the jacket also include zippered pockets, thanks to which all useful gadgets are safe during training or walking.

The streetwear character of the whole is also given by the Pit Bull West Coast logo on the sleeve. 

Length Width Sleeve
S 71  56 83
M 72 59 85
L 73 61 86
XL 75 64 88
XXL 79 66 88
3XL 79 68 90