Using mutual experiences, together we have created a unique  sunglasses collection - from fashion sunglasses in metal frames, through extremely functional sports models, to casual glasses for everyday use. All PitBull glasses are made of the highest quality,
certified materials. They are equipped with TAC polarized lenses over 1 mm thick. Our glasses have TAC lenses over 1mm thick. These lenses provide 100% protection against UV rays and eliminate 99% of light reflections.

A special REVO coating was used in PitBull glasses. It is a protective coating reflecting harmful solar radiation and limiting the amount of heat flowing into our eyes.
Glasses with REVO are premium models, of the highest quality, chosen by the most demanding customers. The coating consists of 12-15 layers, which increases its effectiveness and even better protects the eyes from ultraviolet radiation. This type of glasses is especially recommended for athletes, lovers of summer and winter activities.