Hooded Urban Winter Jacket CABRILLO II - 2017


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From the latest collection 2017 Hooded Urban Jacket CABRILLO 2 is the perfect jacket for autumn - winter season. CABRILLO 2 is a new version of old collection CABRILLO. Jacket is made from waterproof and windbreaker nylon, so should survive any winter weather, It's also functional, in front of it you can find five pockets system - double side pockets and one main pocket on the left side. 


Size A B C
S 66 CM 54 CM 66 CM
M 67 CM 57 CM 69 CM
L 68 CM 60 CM 69 CM
XL 68 CM 63 CM 70 CM
XXL 70 CM 66 CM 70 CM
XXXL 70 CM 68 CM 70 CM

 All sizes in cm


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