Women MONROE Zipped Hoodie Charcoal


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Zippered sports hoodie Pitbull Athletica is a proposal for women who actively spend their free time. Made of high quality Interlock fabric, it has soft, breathable cotton fibers that have undergone a process of refinement, thanks to which the fabric does not crumble while wearing. The sweatshirt has strong cuffs at the sleeves and at the bottom so that the sporty cut adapts perfectly to the silhouette. The sweatshirt has two side pockets with a zipper covered with a waterproof tape with a printed name of the series. Additional branding can be found on the back of the sweatshirt in the form of an imprint. The blouse has very feminine acceptances placed in the form of a pink-gray stripe on the length of the sleeves, as well as pink trimmings along the seams of the hood and on the inside of the zipper.

The model of sweatshirt presented has an integrated, adjustable hood. The West Coast Pitbull logo in the form of a 3D application has been placed on the sweatshirt shoulder.

XS 59 CM 43.5 CM
S 60 CM 46 CM
M 61 CM 48,5 CM
L 62 CM 51 CM
XL 63 CM 53,5 CM

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