Women Hooded Nylon Jacket AARICIA Sleeve 2020 Black


The AARICIA SLEEVE jacket for a transitional seasonin black is a perfect proposition for women who love an active lifestyle. Will work during outdoor training in all conditions and every day, adding streetwear styling!

The coat is distinguished by high-quality, impervious to rain or wind material. Protecting against cold also eliminates all excuses related to training in inclement weather! The wide hood allows you to carefully protect both the head and longer hair, and the neck strap protects against wind.

Feminine cut and welts adapt the garment to the figure. This has both a practical and aesthetic dimension. The Pit Bull West Coast logo on the sleeve, combined with dark colors gives the whole an offensive, streetwear character!

XS 59 45 67
S 60 47 68
M 63 50 68
L 64 51 71
XL 65 55 72

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