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"Ragweed 4" Nylon Jacket

Dark Navy
The Ragweed IV sports jacket is a sporting, overclocked model of the Ragweed III jacket, which you will also find in the clothing catalog of the Pitbull West Coast brand for the upcoming spring-summer season 2018. The presented model has a lowered cut, finished with a thick RIB puller.The jacket is made of a double material - outer nylon protects against wind and rain, while the inner lining is a soft and breathable jersey fabric, of which summer clothing is most often produced.In the lining the inner pocket was fitted.Additional pockets can be found on the sides of the Pitbull Ragweed IV jacket.In addition to the welts, the sporty character of the jacket has been highlighted with contrasting color locks, as well as highly-printed prints with the manufacturer's logo.Apart from the chest, decorative inscriptions have also been placed on the back, below the neckline, as well as the entire length of the sleeve.