Hooded RAVEN Sweatshirt Dark Navy

Dark Navy
Raven hoodie is a proposal for Pitbull West Coast for the winter season 2018/2019. The presented model is a new variant of the well-known model of Pitbull Sports, which is in the collection of clothing brand made of a special fabric type Interlock. Breathable, soft cotton fibers have undergone a refining process to reduce the level of pilling of the material. Thanks to this, when you decide to buy clothing, Pitbull Interlock, you have a guarantee of high quality clothing that will be perfect for both everyday wear and training.

The sweatshirt has an integrated hood with a built-in collar that effectively protects against wind. The hood has a width adjustment with elastic strings with stoppers. The sporty cut is highlighted with cuffs on the sleeves finish.

Sweatshirt has a number of improvements that enhance its function as outdoor clothing: breathable fabric, side, slip pockets fastened with zips glued waterproof tape, built-in hood front to protect against wind, as well as reflective decorations to raise your safety during training, as well as underarm vents to ensure proper air circulation.

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