Hooded LOGAN Sweatshirt Grey/Navy

Logan Pitbull West Coast is a re-edition of the previous model, which was in the forefront of the offered sportswear in the winter catalog of the manufacturer. The sweatshirt was made of interlock fabric, which was subjected to an additional process of refinement, thanks to which the material can not be puckered during use. The sweatshirt has a sporty cut, which thanks to the wide cuffs at the finishing of the sleeves and the bottom of the body perfectly adapts to the athletic figure. The sweatshirt is also equipped with an integrated hood with adjustment, with elastic strings with stoppers.

The perfect combination of sporty character and functionality is emphasized by the manufacturer using glued, waterproof zippers at the side pockets and underarm ventilators, which guarantee proper air circulation.

The sweatshirt is signed by the manufacturer's logo in the form of a silicone application on the shoulder, and in the form of imprints on the chest, in the upper part of the hood, in the form of a printed name of pitbull Sports series on the surface of the zippers and contrasting trimmings with which the internal seams were sewn.

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