June 20, 2016


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This July 16th, the highly anticipated rematch between James Thompson and Kimbo Slice was scheduled to hit the mats, but then tragedy struck and changed the course of events. Unfortunately, Slice recently passed away and the first matchup between him and Thompson since 2008 when he won with a serious TKO will never happen.

It’s a sad time for the entire MMA industry, but there won’t be a shortage of intensity amongst the blood, sweat and tears at the upcoming July 16th Bellator event. Pit Bull West Coast team fighters are about to enter the cage, with Jason Radcliffe being one of them, and it’s going to get crazy! So, grab your Pit Bull streetwear, because fists and kicks are about to be flying.

What to Expect from the Upcoming Bellator Event


Choke holds, armbars and intense striking blows aren’t the only thing you’ll see at the Bellator Event on July 16th. Within the 11 matches going down throughout the evening in the o2 arena, you’ll see a variety of different fighting styles and victories from your favourite MMA fighters, including Pit Bull West Coast Team Fighters, such as Jason Radcliffe. You’ll also see the long-awaited rematch between Josh Koscheck and ‘Semtex’ Daley. These two have been bitter rivals ever since Daley was banned from the UFC after deliberately delivering a blow after the defeat. So, emotions are going to be high and the entertainment is going to be incredible.


What are the Match-Ups for the o2 Arena Bellator Event

Jack Mason vs Jason Radcliffe Bellator 158 poster

With that said, you’re probably eager to find out who’s facing off in the o2 Arena on July 16th. Aside from Douglas Lima and Paul Daley (Match 12), you’ll also see:

  • Match 11 – Michael Page vs Evangelista Santos
  • Match 10 – Linton Vassell vs Francis Carmont
  • Match 9 – James Gallagher vs Mike Cutting
  • Match 8 – Mark Godbeer vs James Mulheron
  • Match 7 – Pietro Menga vs Spencer Hewitt
  • Match 6 – Luis Tosta vs Dean Garnett
  • Match 5 – Jason Radcliffe vs Jack Mason
  • Match 4 – Chase Morton vs Nathaniel Wood
  • Match 3 – Danny Mitchell vs C.J. Meeks
  • Match 2 – Mike Shipman vs Lee Chadwick
  • Match 1 – Alex Reid vs Manuel Garcia


As you can see, although the Youtube sensation, Kimbo Slice has passed and the rematch between him and Thompson will never happen, there are many other matchups going down that are just as serious and intense. You’re still going to be getting all the small joint manipulations, take downs, fish hooks and tapouts you expect from the prestigious Bellator event – and you'll definitely be jumping out of your seat. Heck – you’ll probably be tempted to jump into your own fightwear and get into the cage.  


All About Jason Radcliffe, "The Assassin"

walk out ts, fightwear, streetwear, mma, Bellator, SENI, pitbullsports, quality fightwear,

You may have noticed that we’ve mentioned Jason Radcliffe specifically throughout this article. He’s scheduled for Match 4 and of course, he’s a Pit Bull West Coast Team fighter! Jason has trained tediously for this MMA Bellator event, and is coming in at 6’1” and 185 lbs. He’s got all the meat and attitude that makes MMA what it is today. His stats are just as incredible. With only 2 losses to his 8 wins, Radcliffe also has a 63% KO/TKO rate, 38% submission rate for his wins and a 50% KO/TKO and submission rate for his losses. Needless to say, he is ready to gear up in his quality fightwear and take over.



July 16 is fast approaching. So, head on over to our Pitbullsports store and get your walk out tsfor the event! This Bellator MMA event is one you don’t want to miss out on.



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